Detailed Planning. Flawless Execution.

Event planning can be confusing and costly without the help of an experienced professional. ExpoTex provides a variety of services, from hotel contracting to event registration services to the day-to-day tasks that can overwhelm your already busy staff. We’ll help you put together conferences, expos and meetings that run smoothly, so attendees can focus on the business at hand. And we make it so easy and cost-effective to plan a special event, you might even enjoy your next one. ExpoTex has been helping clients on both sides of the event equation produce strong return-on-investment for over twenty years. We do more than just help you show up; we make your presence matter.

People are talking

Hiring [ExpoTex] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I lose less sleep knowing [their team] is on the job. Our event outcomes for our attendees as well as for my firm have been made better because of ExpoTex.

- Lori Witzel, Pervasive Software

ExpoTex came through for us in a pinch. They professionally sold and managed our trade-show when our volunteers were no longer able to handle the extra workload. With ExpoTex's help, our trade-show was a success.

- Andrew Eller, Houston Emergency Nurses Assn.

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