ExpoTex provides a variety of services for associations and organizations that want to stage outstanding expos. From finding the perfect city and facility to monitoring move-out on the last day, we’ve had the practice to make your event perfect, the first time and every time. And your staff won’t have to drop their regular work to juggle the daily hassles, because we’ll be there to handle every last detail.

We help exposition organizers with:

  • Expo Start-up Guidance
  • Ongoing Expo Management
  • Expo Floor Management

Expo Start-up Guidance

Trade shows are an increasingly important revenue source for associations and organizations nationwide. ExpoTex can help your organization take advantage of this trend. We will guide you in:

  • market segment strategy
  • prospect list development
  • selecting a general service contractor
  • developing an exhibitor prospectus
  • integrating the trade show into your existing events

ExpoTex will provide you with the knowledge, the tools and the resources to build a strong trade show in year one, and in the years to come.

Ongoing Expo Management

It takes a significant amount of energy and expertise to manage an exposition: overseeing the floor plan, working with the decorator and facility directors, tracking exhibitors, and keeping up with everybody’s updates.

But you only need that assistance for a few months at a time, making the costly addition of new staff or the stress applied to current staff significant hurdles.

ExpoTex can help. We take care of the day-to-day show management for you, so that you don’t have to divert attention from other areas. Our services include market definition, registration services, booth layout, prospectus development, booth sales, exhibitor tracking, expo floor management, show reports and show accounting.

We bring years of trade show experience to you at a fraction of what it would cost to hire and train your employees, and allow your regular employees to keep doing what they do best.

Expo Floor Management

Move-In of an exposition is one of the most critical times for any show. Experience counts, as do people skills. ExpoTex offers both. We provide timely intervention to prevent move-in/move-out headaches, monitor the floor during the show, assist the sponsoring organization in communicating with contractors, and render fallback assistance in other areas whenever needed.

Floor management must strike a delicate balance. It is imperative that exhibitors follow the rules, so that all can enjoy the same opportunity on the show floor. It is equally imperative that exhibitors leave the event happy and ready to sign on the dotted line for the following year. ExpoTex believes you can have both.